I notice a man on his own and introduce myself.

He is surrounded by three chairs but I avoid them and sit on his armrest. I lean in and cross my legs. He glances at my breasts which I’ve deliberately placed at his eye level. When he attempts to joke I shake my head and laugh so my hair brushes his back. I touch his thigh and he puts his hand on my arm and I lead his eyes towards the stage where Jasmine is dancing.

Throughout the night dancers are required to do a stage show on the pole. Macey is exempt from this as she is pregnant. Jasmine is slowly spinning around on the pole. She’s hungover. Last night she got so hungover in VIP with a man old enough to be her grandfather that the club barred her from drinking for a month. Apparently she drank £300 of alcohol but can’t remember even being at work. To make matters worse, out of the £800 she made, her and Paisley staggered to the casino at 4am and she blew all her earnings. It’s her daughters fifth birthday next week and the money was supposed to be spent on presents. Quite obviously, she feels like shit. It shows in her stage show as she looks like she’s about to vomit on stage and can’t even be arsed to caress her tits.

After being distracted by the huge chebs on stage I suggest the customer takes me for a dance. He quickly agrees and I lead him to the private dance booths and he hands over a £20 note. I spread his legs and ensure his hands are on the armrest. I kiss his left cheek to signal the start of the dance. I sit on his knee with my back against his chest and rub myself against his thighs. I take my bra off and tweak my nipples in front of his face. I lick my fingers and moan seductively. He bites his lips and groans. He’s thinking about having sex with me in the hotel opposite the club.

I’m thinking I’m starving. I take my knickers off and pretend to touch myself. I lean in towards him and push my body down to his crotch. I simulate oral sex with my thumb. He wants to take off his trousers and touch himself. I want some food. I came to work hungry, didn’t have time to have dinner as I was waiting ages in the sun bed queue earlier on this evening. Actually I have a sandwich in bag I’ll eat that. I bend over and slap my bum. The sandwich might be stale by now; maybe I’ll go the take away instead. I sit on his crotch and spread my legs out. I bounce up and down trying to ignore his heavy breathing. I’ll get cheesy chips. Not the healthiest but at least it will fill me up for the night. I turn around push my tiny tits in his face. I’m always frightened customers will lick my nipples. It’s happened a few times but I heard about a girl who nearly got her nipple bitten off by someone when she got too close to his face. Since then I’ve always been really frightened about shoving my chebs (as small as they are) right in front of the customer’s mouth. After a bit of pretend motor-boating I kiss him on his cheek to illustrate the dance has finished. I start getting dressed and thank him as leaves.

I demolish my sandwich in under a minute then go to the take away and order cheesy chips, a standard meal for northern strippers. I really was starving.


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