There are approximately 300 lap dancing clubs in the UK. In the last three years the number of clubs has increased by 100% and is the fastest growing sector in Britain’s sex industry, which has an estimated value of £300 million.

A 2010 survey claimed that three of out four dancers are happy with their jobs.

Feminist groups claimed that strip clubs are a seedy haven for men to ogle at girls and a barrier to achieving to gender equality.

What is the truth? Who are the dancers? Are they victims of their own sexuality or cunningly earning money fast from men stupid enough to pay them?

Who are the customers? Are they perverted old men seeking to enjoy the body of a girl young enough to be their granddaughter, or simply lonely men looking for a night of female company?

What about the power? Who really rules the club? How much do dancers actually earn, and is the money worth the lack of clothes…and dignity?

This blog enables readers to see what goes on in strip clubs. Aside from the glamour, money and naked girls often lies a world of perverts, rejection and in the case of our club, rats. But above all we try to keep our heads (and chest) up, work hard, make money and have a laugh.

By producing these stories of real conversations of a gentleman’s club, I hope to relate to workers in strip clubs whilst informing others on what really does happens when the lights are turned down and the G strings are taken off.

I hope to illustrate feelings of dancers, –  what’s going through our heads when a customer propositions us for sex, what it feels like to go home with £1000 after a shift and what happens when our tampon string hangs out when dancing on the pole.

You see it’s not all glamorous in strip clubs (okay, sometimes it is, but that’s all to come).

I strip down the naked truth and bare all to you. No G Strings attached.


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Disclaimer: This blog does not relate to one particular club but is designed to represent several clubs in the United Kingdom. All data and information provided on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Opinions expressed are authors own and do not represent those of the any UK strip club’s management or employed staff.