Fashion PR is one of the fastest and  most dynamic industries one could chose to work in, there is no room for shrinking violets in this industry. PR  deals with the business side of fashion, including content, brand awareness, press releases, reaching out to magazines, bloggers  – and a lot more!


a PR specialists work is very done.


“Seeing designer or high street products in your favorite fashion magazine is, in fact, the result of hours of work coordinating, emailing and overseeing.”


The London Look caught with  Fashion PR  Consultant Jessica Hodkinson about her day-to-day role working in such a fast pace  environment.




– What does your job currently entail?

I manage the PR activity for over 25 boutique stores and an online store, . I liaise with journalists, magazine editors and fashion bloggers to spread the word about new products and any news we have. Social media is also a big part of my job, making sure I engage with customers through generating interesting news, setting incentives, showing off new products and answering queries. Other tasks include creating look books, gift guides, setting up engaging competitions and putting together innovative copy for e-shots, the blog and store promotional material.

– What is your average working day like?


Busy! I answer emails and calls in a morning and then set on with my daily tasks which maybe writing news stories, organising deals, copy for magazines or compiling new product look books. I also break off for meetings and head down to London on occasions.


Jessica at work


– Do you enjoy it?


Yes I do, every day is different and it can be very rewarding


What is the best thing about your job?


Witnessing amazing bags and shoes on a daily basis J. The satisfaction of knowing that my hard work and own words have made it into publications.
– What are the perks?


Discounted shoes! Job satisfaction


new press
– Where did you imagine yourself working when you were a teenager?


I actually thought I would work in TV as I was very much a ‘drama queen’

– What was your dream job growing up


TV presenter
– In your own experience, do you think life/work plans work out?



I think you have to work hard to get to where you want to in life. Nothing comes easy, but then that would be boring…. Right? This industry is very tough at times and you have to take ‘rude’ people with a pinch of salt.


Should we plan ahead for the future, or let the wind take us where we should be?


Plan ahead but don’t over plan! Circumstances can change and you may discover a hidden talent that takes you in a different direction. However if you want to work in PR, make sure you  are prepared to work for free in the early days, give up more time than expected and always listen to those ‘above you’. Advice is key!


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