There’s a strange yet stylish man in the chair and Chloe has been trying without success to put a halt to some very inappropriate …


Man: Stroke it.


Chloe: No thanks.


Man: You’ll like it.


Chloe: I’m sure I will. In fact I’ve stroked a few of them in my time. I’m just not sure its appropriate to …


Man: It likes you. Look. He’s happy to see you.


Chloe: Yes. I tend to have that effect. Now if we could just get back to the …


Man: Look at it!! It’s really happy. I’ve never seen it so ….. active.


Chloe: it does appear to be having a nice time. I wonder if you should be doing that to it though?


Man: It likes a stroke. Go on, stroke it. You’ll like it.


Chloe: this is getting a bit out of hand … sorry … bad choice of words. What I mean to say is, you appear to be very attached to it and sometimes …



Man: I love it! What’s not to love? Look at it. So big, so hairy. So … magnificent.


Chloe: did it just spit at me?


Man: I told you he was excited.


Chloe: I think you need to put it away now. We really should be getting back to matter in hand … sorry … another bad choice of words. Maybe it will be useful to think about why you’re so … attached to it. What does it represent to you?


Man: My juices flow whenever I stroke it. Without it I am nothing. … What’s so wrong with that?


Chloe: You only feel you are useful when you have it …


Man: in my hands, yes. I like playing with it. The release it gives me is ….well, it loosens me up, I can get myself going. Look! Look at what it does to me!


Chloe: I think you’ll bruise it if you keep going at it like that.


Man: get me some paper! Quick! I’m about to …


Chloe: Oh bloody hell. Sorry but that was really inappropriate behaviour in a therapy room.


Man: Its too late! I missed it. The moment has gone. You should have got me the paper so I could capture it! This is what I pay you for?!


Chloe: Actually, its not what you pay me for. I’m here to look at why you’re so attached to …


Man: I’m exhausted. I need to lie down. Next time have paper handy.


Chloe: I’m not sure if there will be a next time after today’s performance. Look at the state of the carpet.


Man: I’ll double your money.




Chloe: Righto … oh, and Mr Lagerfeld?


Man: What?


Chloe: please leave the cat at home next time.


Chloe Richards x

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