Victoria Secret Model Karlie Kloss has been the hot topic of this week; appearing in a uber polished shoot in the new issue of Italian Vogue. The shoot contains black and white images of Karlie baring all signifying the beginning of her woman hood and labelling her “The (new) Body”

However what would have been the highlight of Karlie’s illustrious career has proven to be extremely detrimental to her reputation as “The (new) Body”

This week Italian Vogue has rescinded one of the images from their online version of the shoot after it was spotted on a pro-anorexic website as ‘Thinspiration’.  The fashion industry has expressed their shock and disappointment that image was publish to begin with however applaud Italian vogue for their prompt course of action.

I am struggling to believe that Italian Vogue did not see this coming especially as the editor of the  prestigious magazine Fanca Sozzani launched a petition against pro-anorexia sites earlier this year.  This strikes the questions why was the image published in the first place? and was the image only pulled because it appeared on a pro-ana site? recently spoke to the CEO of the National Eating disorders Association Lynn S Grefe, she revealed

“I think its great that [Italian Vogue] pulled it…If they recognized that it was a bad image, that it was having a bad effect…Im sorry they put it up there in the first place, but good for them for pulling it’

Hopefully this incident will force Fashion Publications such as Vogue to take more care when releasing images of this nature in future.