I recently got a job with one of the best shops on the high street, the shop that can go between the runway and the ‘commoner’ yet still look amazing on celebrities, students and mothers alike. Of course this can only be Topshop. Surrounded by amazing clothes and shoes on a daily basis is increasingly difficult when I’m still on a student budget yet I still try and show my individuality with just Topshop to use. This struggle with trying to show my personality and just wear Topshop five days a week got me thinking, is anyone really that individual anymore?

As a brand, Topshop offers four different trends that constantly morph into a new version of itself every few weeks to ensure that they are constantly on top of the market. Don’t get me wrong there are pieces in Topshop that I love, am happy to wear and I do feel represent me but its the young girls outfits that have caught my eye. Girls from about the age of 13 to 16 I recognise weekly when they are doing shopping on a Saturday and every one of them has the same outfit on, yet they each think they are showing their individuality.


They all don extremely short denim shorts, a vest that in one way or another shows a more than needed amount of flesh, finished off with Vans or Converse. Their hair is long and flowing, usually of a mousy shade, or of the most daring bright colour. My sister is also 14 and her and her friends fit this description to a t. I just don’t know when it became exceptable at 15 to literally wear denim knickers and a crop top showing your bra.


I know at this age you do things just to annoy your parents, I dyed and cut off my long hair into a lilac pixie crop at 15, but I never went out practically naked. Its obviously a way of conformity between them but this look is continuing into students up to the age of 22.


My 14 year old sister in her vest, denim shorts and Vans


I’m the first to admit I wear too much black and even in the height of summer probably look a bit too grunge but thats ok! I don’t really have the obsession with being individual anymore like I had when I was younger, such as the red tights, yellow shoes and bright flowery dress combo I once donned, but it has just began to worry me that everybody is starting to morph into each other with the availability of throw away fashion.

Topshop and myself are  lovers of a cross motif or a bit ( a lot) of leopard print but I try to mix it up and I do stick to my own style disregarding seasons. But I find it increasing difficult to wear anything of Topshop’s on a night out without passing four other girls, which normally look better, in the same outfit. Which is the biggest fashion faux par! I just hope that as myself and these young girls grow in to our 20’s it will become easier to convey our own style and not lose what fashion is about!