If you’re after something that has that unique character look no further than London-Based Wandering Minds. Established in 2011 as an ebay store they expanded to a fully dedicated online store in January this year.


Elisa Eymery, the brains of the operation, has fashion in her blood and it is not hard to understand why. Born in France, Elisa was immersed in differing cultures and styles as she was brought up in Paris, Cairo, Copenahgen, Nice, Seoul and London. When she found herself at Oxford University doing her Masters, her 15,000 word dissertation was on the subject of online fashion shopping.


The research she did during her dissertation lent itself to reality when she opened the Wandering Minds ebay store. Combining her natural eye for fashion and her knack of picking the right manufacturers success was only a few sales away. As purchases and confidence grew she contacted designers to keep inspiration flowing – soon after affordable, unique and eclectic collections were in the store waiting to be snapped up by bargain seeking fashion conscious trend setters all around the country.


Elisa, seeing that things were taking off decided to consolidate what she was doing by seeking help from her family and friends, a collection of young, enthusiastic and skilled individuals to give Wandering Minds the foundation it needed to expand. Denny, a London-at-heart Chinese gentleman, was brought in to broaden the exposure the store, and then the website. Roxanne is a girl brought on board to handle the social media side of things, handling Facebook and Twitter to bring the company to the masses. It’s handy, says Elisa, that her little black book is full of contacts from all around the capital. James is perhaps the most stylish PHD student in the land and his eye for style compliments that of Elisa. Lucie is the strategic planner of the group, managing press amongst other things. Bastien and Florent Eymery handle SEO and graphic design respectively.


The Wandering Minds are, contrary to their moniker, grounded in their ambitions. They want to continue the success they have so far experienced, and offer what the major chains cannot – something different at a price everyone can afford. Check them out at their homepage.



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