Texting too much and not replying promptly could cost you a date…


It has been twenty years since the very first text message was sent and while most of us have got pretty good at text etiquette over the last two decades (give or take that odd naughty text sent after one too many glasses of wine), it seems some singles are still getting it very wrong.


A poll of 500 single men and women by dating site, Cupid.com has revealed the ultimate turn-offs when it comes to texting include bombarding someone with messages, not responding promptly and using text talk.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, texting has changed the way we date completely since 1992.




Most of the people asked said they would rather text than call someone after swapping numbers, although more men prefer to speak on the phone as the relationship progresses.  The length of time that they would leave it before getting in touch is similar between the sexes – most would wait until the next day to text their interest.


Sean Wood. Communications Director at Cupid Plc said;


Texting has its place when dating. It can be a great way to communicate when you are feeling too shy to say it and a great way to break the ice after a date. But there is a time and a place for it. Sometimes nothing can replace a face to face conversation.”


And it would seem all those sordid stories about sexting getting you in to trouble haven’t put anyone off.  79% of men and 70% of women have sent a sexy text at some point.


So, what about when it’s all over? Is it ever acceptable to ‘digitally dump’ someone by text? Well women seem to think so. 39% of females said they’d split up with someone by text. It  seems nothing is sacred!



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