Victoria Beckham’s clothing range is proving to be even more successful than we first thought.

The former Spice Girl’s range has made more than £15 million in the first three months of this year and sales figures are up by 71 per cent than the previous season.

This is great news for the mum-of-four as for many years she has tried to prove herself to the fashion world, so these figures have show that Victoria is a real fashion contender.

The 37 year old’s dresses which sell for up to £5,000 have been a real hit with the Hollywood A-List. Everyone from Kate Winslet to Elle Macpherson is wearing them, and most recently Cheryl Cole was spotted wearing one of her creations.

Her collections enhance the female form, clinging to all the right places. Mrs Beckham knows how to cut great fitting dresses.

The pop star turned fashion designer expanded her fashion range by adding an array of bags to the collection, and again celebrities all over are wearing them. Although her bags don’t come cheap, with the most expensive handbag costing $29,000.

However if you can’t quite afford the $29,000 price tag, Victoria recently launched a more affordable clothing range, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, which she says channels her “inner girl”.

So it seems its not just David bringing in the money these days, Victoria is definitely giving him a run for his money.


Article by Emma Gordon

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