Oh dear oh dear. What a pickle. America’s vampire-ess sweetheart has cheated on America’s vampy heartthrob with ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ director, Rupert Sanders, and, for some reason has told everyone about it. Hours after ‘US Weekly’ shattered millions of teenage dreams of true love and fidelity 4eva, Kristen Stewart issued a public apology for cheating on R-Patz. Rather than being deeply moved and humbled by K-Stew’s apology for the “hurt and embarrassment” that her “momentary indiscretion” has caused, we can’t help but think WHY ON EARTH did you do that Kristen?


For a girl that has made a killing out of being the most private and surly woman alive, issuing a public apology about having an affair with a man with two kids (probable twilight fans) seems rather bizarre. Of course Kristen isn’t the first celeb to apologise publically ; David Letterman, Tiger Woods, Jesse James – to name a few, all broadcasted their confessions about screwing over their partners, but Kristen is not married, she doesn’t have kids, and she’s young. Of course cheating is wrong and Kristen wouldn’t want to let her little twi-hard’s get the wrong idea about how to act in a relationship, but confessing her undying love for Robert the person she “loves and respects the most” in the hardcore, heartfelt statement, just seems a bit naff.



I’m sure you’ve apologised to Robert a lot of times Kristen, involving the general public and your fan club does not legitimise the regret…


And let’s take a moment to remember those poor, poor ‘twilight til I die’ fans. One twilight super fan has already issued a ‘leave Britney alone’ style video that has gone viral. “Nutty Madam”‘s “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS KRISTIN” see’s a enraged, devastated fan warn the prying public to “just back off” before breaking down into relentless tears. Poor thing. The most distressing aspect of the video is the shocking realisation that comes with it; that people really do live and breathe the twilight famed couple, and that thousands of hearts have broken as this revelation has come to light, not just Mr Pattinson’s.



We can’t predict how this saga will finish up. The couple’s on and off screen romance has tongues wagging worldwide on a constant, and this scandalous news is nothing but tragic. Tragic because it highlights to us once again just how much we actually care about these beings, tragic because the genetically blessed couple will now have to deal with the strifes and strains that cheating brings, and tragic because once again we see that a 22 year old actress and her 41 year old married director couldn’t contend with the sexual tension that is rife on set.


For god’s sake people, we’ve all been in school plays, we all know that these feeling come to light and then fade away once the cameras have stopped rolling. Unfortunately no matter how many press releases are issued about people being “embarrassed” and loving their ‘heavenly children’, the fact of the matter is, you messed up, big time, and now you have to deal with your gross behaviour.


I will now respect Nutty Madam’s wishes and leave the celebs in question alone, but I will say this. Cheating is not cool, public apologies drool. And don’t even get us started on Mr. Sanders, what a fool.


Jessica Newsome

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    He is going to be the most hated female in hollywood, almost feel sorry for her


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