Leeds jeweller Rebecca Pearson has been creating pieces using fabric and leather for two years and launched her own label, Belles Bejewelled last year. Her work – inspired by paper craft techniques – is sold on local leeds based designer web-store www.fashionpony.co.uk and in boutiques across the country and after being declarted a desingner to watch by the leeds guide and gaining further recognitions by stylist rebecca now has an outlook to stocking overseas. She says,


“I am inspired by eccentric fashion and I decided to put my thoughts down on paper at an early age. I started to make jewellery out of any scraps of material that I could get my hands on. From there it has simply grown into a whole range of designs I am truly proud of.”



We caught up with Rebecca to talk about the brand, how she got started and how she feels about British fashion:


Which designers influence you the most?


I am inspired by Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh both are masters of fashion and creative geniuses, their imagination extended to, not being afraid to use ‘fetish’ material e.g PVC and human hair. Their collections are about more than simply making clothes, they created pieces that blur the boundaries between art and fashion.



Both designers were unafraid to depart from the commercial to create something of beauty and style. I am always intrigued by those who can take something macabre or ordinary and turn it into something beautiful, even sublime.



How did you get started? How did you meet? (if the company is a partnership)


After graduating from the renowned Bretton Hall College with a BA (Hons) in Performance Design and Production, I worked in retail – but started -almost as a hobby- to create jewellery using a variety of materials- basically anything I could get my hands on, experimenting with material using a range of different crafting techniques. I enrolled into the How Bazaar Business start up programme in Leeds. After being mentored by the business advisers I started to lay the building blocks for my brand; establishing its identity and ethos.



 What are your thoughts on current British fashion?


British fashion has and still is known for new innovative designers. In the past we have been governed by movements influenced by the music scene or previous recessions. We have now entered into the new technological phase in fashion whereby we no longer have to wait for the February or September ‘issues’. Fashion news is now available at a click of a button, through blogs and over social media formats. In particular video is being used more and more by designers to showcase their collections and highlight their work. I have already, as part of my collection contributed to a  video with fashionpony.co.uk

and I look forward to an upcoming collaborative art project creating a montage of videos to be viewed online.




How would you some up your brand?


My focus is not on fashion it is on design which transcends seasonal trends. In short I believe that sustainable design is about achieving a form of immortality. The woman who buys one of my pieces will still be able to wear it and look fabulous in 10, 20, 30 years time- if her daughter/granddaughter isn’t wearing it.



What do we have to look forward to from your brand this upcoming season?


I am launching a collaboration with the award winning Birdshell Boutique called Belles VS Birdshell, it is a collection of vintage American rock t-shirts remade with embellishments.

Two exclusive ranges for fashion pony.co.uk , the first being the Belles Bejewelled Luxe T range. The focus is on T-shirts made with luxury fabrics in unusual cuts. The second is the Belles Bejewelled LTD ED jewellery range, this line is a heavily bejewelled collection inspired by 1930′s style, I will also be involved in several other collaborative projects.


My main collection will concentrate on creating jewellery that can be worn in a multiple different ways around the body. My Viper necklace in particular, is a testament to this.


 Sum up your brand in 3 words



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