Harvey Nichols latest campaign has got everyone talking at the moment, mixed reviews would be an understatement. The campaign shows a gorgeous model looking oh-so-elegant sporting a gorgeous chic summer ensemble of a sweetheart styled strapless black top and a pair of fitted vibrant orange trousers, sounds pretty standard right?…..Wrong!



In the picture the model appears to have a wet patch on her crotch illustrating that she has wee’d herself in excitement and the slogan to accompany the image reads “Try to contain your excitement”


We love this, the fact that Harvey Nichols have incorporated a smidgen of tongue and cheek just increases our love for the firm. The harvey Nichols sale is by far in our opinion the best, with designer gear such as Prada, and Chloe at just a fraction of their original price, so wetting yourself out of excitement for snagging a half price chloe dress doesn’t really unrealistic . We think this image speaks well for the nature of the campaign.


“I wet myself” was both “commonplace and invariably used in a playful, inoffensive manner which was in keeping with the tongue-in-cheek spirit”  -say Advertising executives at Harvey Nichols - “The images in our advertising were designed to be a visual representation of a well-known phrase.


However not everyone shares our opinion;


Harvey Nichols flyers have unwittingly exposed this country’s schizophrenic culture, in which an unsurpassed talent for orchestrating tasteful but popular spectacle coexists with a deeply offensive streak of vulgarity. – says The Telegraphs Christina Odone – Christina goes on to say “Imagine the Queen and Jeremy Kyle fighting for the soul of the nation – with the latter gaining the upper hand.”


See Article By Christina Odone here!


Traditionally fashion campaigns are beautiful and show models who look inhumanly-perfect to increase the appeal of the brand. People tend to be more attracted to beautiful shiny things therefore  are more likely to buy into a brand that uses flawless models and perfect lighting.


So it is unsurprising people are a little unimpressed with this left field idea.


However you can not deny this move is a very clever one, because although some people might not like it, everyone will be talking about it which is the aim of any ad campaign! Lets be honest nobody will be offended enough to avoid the Harvey Nicks sales , if anything more people know about it therefore more customers.





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