My favourite actor of all time is Gary Oldman!


His performance in 1993 True Romance as the drug dealing – pimp antagonist was simply incredible. Do I even need to mention his stellar performance as Sid Vicious in 1986 Sid and Nancy?



His ability to leap into the character no matter what it may be is inspiring.


And of course I’m not alone in this, ‘of the moment’ actor Tom Hardy branded Oldman – “The greatest actor that’s ever lived” – Touchè


Enough about his acting performance, our Gary has many other talents including film-making, Musician and most recently Modeling…nope thats not a typo!


In january this year he debut’d as a model strutting his 57 year old stuff down the catwalk for Prada during Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Thats not all. Oldman is going back for seconds by agreeing to front the autumn/winter 2012 menswear campaign with Jamie Bell, Willem Dafoe and Garrett Hedlund the trio will be photographed by fashion shutter bug David Sims.



Harper’s Bazaar UK got the ultimate pleasure of speaking to Oldman regarding his leap into his latest character as a catwalk model – this has certainly unleashed my green monster!



During the conversation Oldman revealed how keen he was to get involved saying;


“I thought about it for 10 seconds and said ‘Yea OK, why not?’ it was different”


The legend went on to say;


“It was a gas, mainly because of Mrs Prada and her team, who are meticulous and treated me royally”


However Gary’s Love for the catwalk is not entirely about the attention and glamour, it just so happens that his youngest son Charlie Oldman aspires to be a designer and meeting  fashion Giant Miuccia Prada is definitely going to work wonders for his future career -

“He’s [Charlie] been lucky to meet Miuccia and be hanging out with the right people”


Lets face it people, we live in a ‘people you know’ and ‘pulling strings’ society, I would do the same thing!


See behind the scenes video of the Prada fall/winter 2012 with Oldman, Dafoe, Hedlund and and Bell


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