We have heard of demeaning jobs before, sprout tasters, Puppy pedicurists and those poor celebrity doggy carriers!


Well hows this for a corker, there is actually an individual who’s occupation is tweeting on behalf of a cat – Gasp! – Karl Lagerfeld’s cat to be precise. Not so surprising now is it?


The great and powerful OZ – woops, I mean Karl Lagerfeld, has recently introduced his cat named Choupette Lagerfeld into society and quite literally given her a voice!


He’s only gone and given her a Twitter account, which is very active. Obviously its is impossible for a cat to operate a computer/iphone/ipad so someone is doing it, and it sure as hell wont be Karl himself!



Choupette has already got two members of staff so whats one more eh? she has two maids who look after her every need which includes painting her bloomin’ claws.


The account launched a mere 24 hours ago and has already accumulated 1803 followers – How? of course because she’s Lagerfeld’s baby, and because we seem to have a strange obsession with cats doing semi-human things (usually by accident).


And get this – Fashionista.com, intelligent and sophisticated online fashion magazine scored an exclusive interview with the kitty phenomenon.


See below – not because we like it, but because we need to bring to light that the media has now resorted to interviewing animals! enjoy!


Which of [Karl’s] houses do you live in?

I have grown accustomed to traveling the world with Daddy (to you brainless humans that’s Mr. Lagerfeld) but my temperament fits best in Paris; they understand me there.


Do you scratch his furniture?
I would do no such thing; I am quite refined I will have you know!


Where do you sleep?
Typically I find comfort in piles of last season’s Chanel, which are no longer of use to Daddy.


Are you allowed to sit on Karl’s lap? Does he use a lint roller?
I prefer not to be touched. His gloved hands do a number on my pure white fur.


Why did you decide to start a Twitter?
I felt it was time to show the fashion world the REAL Choupette. My social media savvy tendencies are unprecedented in the cat world.


Are you interested in joining any other social media platforms like Foursquare or Instagram?
Between napping, chasing invisible air particles, and feedings I have little time for such trivial activities.


How many followers do you hope to get?
Only humans count their friends by the number of followers they have.


What are your thoughts on the recent trend of severely obese felines, like the late ‘Meow’ and the new one, Garfield, who weighs 40 lbs?
I am part of the fashion community–how do you expect me to answer such a question…


What does French cat food taste like?
Better than American food (note: I did not say American CAT food)


Are you declawed?
How would my maids paint my nails then?


What’s your litter box like?
A cat as refined as myself does not discuss such private matters. Next question please.


Do you like your maids or does their constant monitoring get a little creepy?
My maids are just like every other human: useless and easy to manipulate.



Article by Jennifer Kennedy. Editor

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