My best friend is my little sister, but she’s a junior doctor and also is a bit cross with me at the moment, so I’ve got another best friend. Her name is Sue (this is her actual name, I didn’t have time to make up something to protect her or our friendship, so I’m not precisely sure how long we’ll be BFFs for), and she’s staying with me this week. Which I am delighted about. A best friend is a truly excellent thing to have. However, it is also a great responsibility, which is why it is imperative that you follow these simple guidelines:




A best friend should be like a pillow- completely forgettable until you don’t have one, and you’re trying to sleep. In actual fact, a best friend can also function as an excellent pillow. Bear this in mind when choosing yours.


A best friend laughs at your jokes. Occasionally, if they are sleeping, or you are in the process of using them as a pillow, they may not laugh. It is important to then remind them that this is part of their job.




A best friend gets on well with your family, but not too well (Sue-I’m watching you. I saw how you shared a bag of M&Ms with my little sister last night while I was brushing my teeth).


A best friend does everything possible to highlight the fact that you are best friends. Sue bought us matching hats


A best friend tells you everything. But not when you are busy telling them something awesome from your life.


Lucy & Sue


A best friend never quits. Even if they really, really want to stop eating pancakes.


A best friend never lets you sing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ alone.


A best friend may sometimes steal your chips, but you will always forgive them.


A best friend is exactly as interested in your life as you are-because they are a huge part of it.


A best friend makes everything seem better-even if it’s just because they’re singing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ absolutely terribly.


Lucy Karsten x


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  1. Sue Johnson

    **because they’re singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” absolutely brilliantly…
    Let’s get facts straight here Lucy.


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