As it is a new year it is only right that I have a new handbag – something that is easier to keep than any of my resolutions.


Given that this is, it is therefore very fitting that said is bag comes from Peach Pink, a London-based brand which recently launched an exquisite range of nine bags, each with their own name and personality. They are made from the from the softest leathers in a rainbow of delicious colours and if Sienna Miller is a fan they must be good.


I am the overjoyed and slightly smug owner of the Clementine bag in willow and I totally love it. This isn’t a colour I would naturally go for but it has a classic,  timeless quality due to the soft leather and rich colour that comes from natural, vegetable dyes, something I rarely come across but really love.


The Clementine is an on-trend shoulder bag with classic gold buckle detailing that is just perfect. It has beautiful lining featuring the English peach blossom moth which is the distinctive logo of the brand, and this also appears on each bag’s signature leather swing tag and gives it that little extra air of exclusivity. The great pockets mean you can try to keep track of everything and I have had so many compliments I wish I had written them all down.




For me the great thing about Peach Pink is that these bags are luxury pieces but they come at affordable prices (£198.00 for the Clementine) even in these times of austerity. I love that they are a clever twist on modern trends and a nod to my favourite city, London, to reflect the brand’s heritage and create a quintessential British image that consumers are sure to want to buy into.


The British design duo, Helen Peachey and Vanessa Pinkney, really understand that attention to detail and multi-functionality are as important as understated elegance and style for today’s fashion conscious woman.


This is not a bag for nappies, wipes, Kit Kats, soggy socks, or emtpy juice cartons but I use my Clementine bag all the time. I use it when I am out and about in town, in and out of the car, meeting friends for coffee or going for Sunday lunch with family and friends. It adds an instant splash of style and colour to any outfit and makes me feel great when I am walking through town doing my errands and wanting to feel like more than just a mum and wife.


Other bags in the launch range are:


Lucinda is thecollection’s elegant tote, made from sumptuous super-soft natural finished leather and available in three tan, coral and navy. RRP £165.00.


Polly is avintage-look-leather bowling bag combining functionality with high style. Available in three classic colours: chocolate, navy and black and coming in at £175.00.

is the slouch hobo bag and is created from natural look tumbled leather and is available in mouth-watering fuchsia, lime, navy and black. RRP £175.00.


The collection’s signature bag is the Odessa, and this tempting tote boasts metallic leather mixed with suede and natural leather. It comes in charcoal and coral and has a RRP of £115.00.


Elsie is the collections must have,stylish satchel complete with on-trend contrasting canvas strap. It comes in cool glazed and tumbled leather and is available in bone, Wedgwood and fuchsia. RRP £115.00.

is thestand-out multifunctional piece featuring a unique double-strap allowing the bag to be worn as an across-the-body bag or a classic handbag. Each bag is made of super-soft natural finish leather and comes in tan, navy, coral and black and has a price of £145.00.


Myrtle is asmall across-the-body bag made of nubuck suede leather with rich glazed trim and comes in rich merlot and willow. RRP £115.00.

is acute clutch, made of super-soft natural finished leather and available in coral, navy, Wedgewood, tan, metallic and black. RRP £70.00.


To be honest, I would LOVE the entire collection as they are all so amazing but with bills to pay and a husband to humour, I am thinking that for now one is enough, but it is my birthday soon so…….


If you want something that is stylish and smart but with a contemporary twist and reasonable price tag, Peach Pink has something that is perfect for you.


So what are you waiting for head over to and get choosing the best bag for you in 2013.


Nat x



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