After reading Emily Schuhman’s article about de-cluttering in September’s Glamour, I feel all inspired to get rid of my clutter and organise everything.


Having been at university for four years I have accumulated a lot of stuff, from ridiculous fancy dress costumes, to reams of paper from note taking in lectures. I feel like I’ve put off sorting out for so long, I really need to address the situation soon before it gets completely out of hand.


While I’ve got a Filofax, where I am super organised, sorting out my social life, financial outgoings, and obviously where I write my beloved my to-do lists (I have major to-do list OCD), but while its easy organising that aspect of my life, it’s my ‘stuff’, which I can’t face. Well enough is enough, I am going to rename this month ‘sort out September’ where I get cracking on de-cluttering and categorising my things so they become just as organised as the inside of my Filofax.


I’m going the whole hog with this, from colour coordinating my wardrobe, lining my drawers with scented paper to putting my shoes in boxes with their photo on the front.




My aim is to be finished by the end of September, 22 days and counting…


‘Sort out September’ let’s have it!!!


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