BFF/ Boyfriend (Jim) and girlfriend (Polly) duo Bambi and Manson fly kicked their way into the fashion industry in 2011,  their speciality – sexing up denim shorts. Each piece to come out of the Bambi and Manson lab is unique and intricately fashioned so those lucky enough to own a pair can really OWN them!




Early on in their journey Polly and Jim gained their first official BAM girl, none other than Alexis Krauss – the incredibly crazy/sexy/cool front women for New York based band Sleigh Bells, who has since made statement after statement wearing her very own BAMS.





The Dynamic duo took to social media and like a surgeon to a scalpel and simply bent it to their will, from their hard work and colossal social media presence they managed to expand on their BAM army gaining mascots such as Millie Mackintosh, Bip Ling, Nicola Roberts, and Caggie Dunlop, even teen royalty Kylie and Kendall Jenner – little sisters to Kim Kardashian have been seen posting pictures of themselves wearing BAMS!






BY 2012 Bambi and Manson’s following on twitter, Facebook and Instagram was growing at a reckless speed, with their Inbox over flowing with messages and tweets from happy customers and girls longing for a pair of their own BAMs – #ILoveMyBams, #BAMS……




Demand for BAMs got so high that Jim and Polly simple couldn’t keep on top, therefore took the next step into Manufacturing their designs.




Following Months of hard work, sampling, correspondence, and running around their first samples where ready to be signed off, such unique and cool summer staples have never been more available, we have all attempted to customise our own shorts/jeans/denim jackets and let’s be honest they usually turn out s**t.






You know the saying “it’s the little things that count?” this saying most definitely applies to Bambi and Manson, due to the fragile subject that is sizing the couple have got it covered…although BAMS range in sizes XXS-XL Jim and Polly decided against using these terms instead request exact measurements from their customers then offer them their suited size their suggested sizes include: Pixie, Tiger, Fox, Tinks, Kitten and Peachy – how very fitting!








The lookbook for the new range ‘Its girls and Tom boys’ will be styled and modelled by LA minx and style queen Audrey Kitching.




Due to high demand Bambi and Manson will be taking pre-orders in the next few weeks prior to the launch evening – where you will be treated to WAH nails, and eyelash extensions. There will also be a live photo wall where your snaps will be added! Expect glamour, fun and plenty of depressingly gorgeous BAMGIRL models strutting around  showing off new products!


Bambi and Manson “Making the world a hotter place, one girl at a time”



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