In recent years celebrities have commoditised their personalities, creating their own fashion, make-up and most often perfume, not only can we look like our idols we can smell like them. We can borrow our entire identity from our favourite celebrity, Single White Female  springs to this writers mind!!

‘California girls’ star Katy Perry has launched her second fragrance ‘Meow’ following in the footsteps of the likes of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, after her launch of ‘Purr’ earlier this year she has created a sister perfume that she referred to as “bestie to Purr” she also revealed that it is “Very Sweet & Inspired by the magical place, CANDYFORNIA!” on Twitter yesterday.

As part of the launch Mrs Perry gave her fans the opportunity to win a bottle of her newest fragrance.  One lucky winner can go to the launch which takes place in December; all they had to do was predict the name of the fragrance. She revealed – “Some of you guessed my sister perfume right! I can’t wait to reveal her, she is so sweet!”

The launch of ‘Purr’ sees Katy in a cat suit with a ball of yarn,  we will wait with bated breath for the launch of ‘Meow’ I’m sure there will be no drama spared.

.So….do you fancy smelling like Katy Perry, dressing like Lilly Allen and wearing the same make-up as Kate Moss, one trip to Harvey Nicholls and you can!


Article by Jennifer Kennedy

3 Responses

  1. Larna

    I find celebrity perfumes uninspiring and not very original. Just go to the nearest pound land where you’ll find Z list try hards. Peter Andre with his “Insania” aftershave and Kerry Katonas attempt “outragious”.. If you ask me..stick at what you’re good at (Peter Andre excluded) MUSIC!!

    Its like selling your soul to the devil to make a shiny nickel or two…

  2. Emily

    Like i have said numerous times, PROPER fancy katy perry but I wouldnt spend money on a perfume of hers, or another celeb for that matter, surley these people are just capitilising on their fame and making a brand for themselves, fair play to them but I cant take it seriously. unless it smelled amazing im not game.

  3. The London Look

    im not a fan of celeb perfume im yet to find one that doesnt smell like syrup!!


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