Jennifer and Claire ventured out into Chorlton this Saturday armed with £30 – their mission, which they chose to accept – to spend on getting an outfit.

Yes. £30 on one outfit. Why?

“Because in the current economic climate, finding an outfit is very difficult to do on a budget” says Jen, our editor.

“I know!” chimed Claire. “£30 is generally the price of one nice piece on the high street and we wanted to show that you can get a great outift for that price”.

“The last thing on top of bills and food you need is spending hundreds of pounds on clothes where there are lots of options in charity stores. We wanted to do our bit for charity too”.

Where is it that you went looking?

JK: “Oxfam, Barnado’s, Animal Trust, the PDSA and the Red Cross”

CC: “Our best buys were bought from Oxfam and Barnado’s”

Would you like to tell me about the items you bought?

JK: “The first item we bought was a dogtooth tweed pattern skirt in green and black that is short and fitted”.

CC: “If you think of ‘Clueless’ you’ll get the idea!”

JK: “We saw it for £4.99 and thought “We’ve got to get this”".

CC: “The next item we bought was a plain black woollen tank top that went really well with the skirt”

JK: “At £2.99 it was a bargain – it went sooo well that we just had to buy it. I’d say it went perfectly with the skirt”.

That’s not bad at all! A top and skirt for less than a tenner. What else did you buy?

JK: “Next was the coat, which we found for £7.99. It didn’t go with the rest of the outfit but it was love at first sight. A 70′s inspired, brick red flair-sleeved number…”

CC: “…don’t forget the fur trim!”

JK: “With fur trim! Next came the shoes. When you see them you won’t believe that they only cost £4.99! They look as good as, if not better than, the shoe’s you’ll see on the highstreet; black chunky heeled Chelsea boots.”

CC: “What is even better about the shoes is that they go with the last item that we bought, a grey and white tye-dye effect dress for £4.99.”

JK: “It’s a really flattering and sexy number with tassles on the hem, and the dress itself goes down mid-thigh”.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the girls had a productive day. If you want to see what they bought, see on the photo’s below.


First stop: Oxfam


This we loved!!


Is this too 90s


We like - Lets


Next stop: PDSA


Gorgeous Chelsea Boots...£4.99 WTF!


THE DRESS, this was not part of the outfit but it fit in our budget


And finally……


Our outfit! Costing £25.00, you can't beat it with a big stick!

If you have been inspired what the girls have done for the £30 challenge and think you can do better, get out there scouring the charity shops and let us know what you have got, either on our Facebook page or @ mentioning us on our Twitterfeed! We’ll judge the results and the winning entries will win their money back.

Happy hunting!

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