Hello! My name is Stacie Malone-Lloyd & I am a new columnist for The London Look.
Here I am during that week of sun we had (boo!!) I look like a Goth abroad!



ANYWAY. You’ll get the idea of the sort of things I am into throughout my posts.


So, I have been racking my brain for days trying to think of what to write for my first piece. I even debated a bit of an online food diary, purely because I was proud of some fajitas I made last week and I wanted to share them with the world… But I soon realised that would have been totally weird boring and irrelevant.


I wanted to talk about my current style but it was hard to think up some ideas as my bank balance hasn’t allowed me to purchase many beautiful clothes at the moment (apart from a studded shirt from YAYER but that was a one off for my friends party).


Then I watched the MTV Movie Awards and it hit me … The one thing I have been obsessing over for years … EYEBROWS.


Kirsten Stewart, Leighton Meester, Emma Watson and all the other glam bunnies were all rockin’ the perfect brows… and it made me kind of jealous to be honest!


My obsession started long ago… back when I hadn’t even started using straighteners and I still used Immac (now known as veet) instead of shaving my legs! How was I not bullied more at school?! So yeah, back in 2005 when I was 15 years old, I decided to shave my eyebrows. I didn’t want to completely shave them off, I just wanted to get rid of a few stray hairs and I was feeling too lazy to pluck. As you can imagine that didn’t exactly go as well as I had hoped. I was left with half an eyebrow, my fringe didn’t cover it and make up didn’t help at all. It wasn’t a good look!




I am yet to feel satisfied with the shape and colour of my brows! They are still looking like hairy caterpillars to me. So it’s nice to see so many tutorials out there to help girls like me! Make-up artist’s such as the wonderfully talented Charli Butterfield have also created blogs for all us eyebrow obsessed babes out there!


Check out  Charli’s site  ‘Arched & Dangerous’ www.perfectbrows.tumblr.com
Here are some styles I particularly like:






If I could achieve any of  the above and avoid ending up like this woman … I will be a happy girl!





Keep it classy!


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