Where are all the teddy girls? This 1940s sub-culture has far too little following for my liking. Being a teddy girl is a way of life not just a fashion statement. Like their male counter parts these hot chicks donned this Edwardian influenced trait, listening to rock and roll they swung their way through milk bars, dance halls and left a permanent dent in fashions conventional mode.


While Teddy Boys had a uniform of drainpipe trousers and long, drape jackets, Teddy Girls wore a variety of styles, mixing it up a bit.  To wear with the Edwardian style drape jackets team up shirts with high (or wing) collars, black velvet ties and tight fitting trousers , pedal pushers, jeans with brogues or stilettos . Finish this off with a ‘news boy’ hat, boaters, head-scarves, pedal pushers and whatever earrings catch your eye.


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