I don’t have a car so I have to walk everywhere! So my shoes get worn out a LOT!( that is how I justify my shoe collection!!) but when all of your shoes are high heels, things do get tricky and I suffer.  As Christian Louboutin says “a shoe has so much more to offer than just walk” (Dam was he right!) I love high heels (the higher the better!) and love showing them off – for me they are the focal point for my outfits! For example, I can wear a pair of jeans and vest but with the right shoe (bright coloured or patterned) my outfit is transformed into something fabulous!


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My biggest reason for wearing high heels is the pleasure I get when I walk in a room and everyone looks at me and compliments me by saying “Wow your shoes are gorgeous!”. Personally, if I’m feeling down I know I can pop my highs on and feel confident and everything is OK again.  But wearing heels isn’t always plain sailing, I’ve had many situations when I’ve worn my heels inappropriate situations and I have suffered for fashion! BIG TIME!


One example is a treasure hunt in London as part of our Christmastime treat! I had just ordered some new Kurt Geiger peep toe 5 inch heeled shoe boots and they were comfy when I wore them for the first time shopping in Sainsbury’s so in my eyes they passed the first test!  Eager to wear them again and in a more sociable situation I decided to wear them for the treasure hunt. Prior to this decision a email went round saying “wear suitable shoes” ( I ignored this!) in my eyes these were suitable! 1) suitable for weather – check! (come on they a boot – come wind or rain I will be fine!) 2) comfortable to walk in – check ( if you can walk around in a slippery supermarket they are comfy!) 3) look amazing with the outfit - triple check! (they looked fab with my leather pants) I arrive and to my dismay I had to run around Knightsbridge/Oxford street in my boots to find clues dotted around the city!!




I had to run up the streets and try to keep up as the other girls  who sensibly wore flats! Grasping for my breath I look up and in lights…there it is to my saviour – TOPSHOP! I tell the girls go ahead I will call you ….I run to the back of the store where I find the flat shoes (It took me a while  to pick a shoe then settled for a studded slipper shoe) At this point I’m out of breath and the shop assistant is looking at me thinking I am a nutter!! I put the flats on and ahhhhh bliss!!! thankfully we won the treasure hunt and won a £25 gift card and guess what? I brought a pair of shoes!




You would think I would of learnt a lesson and set a note to myself : always carry flats!….but OH NO!! I went shopping with my boyfriend (to buy shoes for him – very rare trust me!) I thought it would be a 15mins shopping trip for him and then we go for dinner etc. and then shop for me! So I wore a cute dress and my new Cheryl Cole shoes! Little did I know the shopping trip would last 4hours!!!!! Can you believe that? A man take that long to find a pair of shoes and he went for the same shoes I suggested in the first shop!!!! I was in 5inch stiletto heels around the streets of Birmingham with pot holes n cracked pavements – all for fashion! With my arms firmly gripped on his (I had his support to help me along) I strutted around in my shoes – I’d usually go for wedge heel when shopping but I was so excited to wear them! Thankfully, as we were going home we came across two old ladies who said to me “when I was your age I used to wear heels like that, I have to say they are absolutely beautiful and so are you! wear heels as much as you can because when you get to my age – you get stuck with shoes like this!” – This stuck in mind and whenever I wear my heels I think of the wise lady and think – I will wear my heels because at the end of the day … high heels are pleasure with pain!


Sonia Kaur x


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