With the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games fast approaching, fashion gone all sporty on us.


This season’s fashion is all about the sporting influence, and why not with such a big monumental event coming to the UK.


It is not the first time we have seen this trend on the catwalks or on the streets, but I feel that this year is most definitely the year of Sports Luxe.


The trend is all about adapting your usual attire, with a sporty edge, it is about creating a sleek and minimalist look, but at the same time having that element of functionality. It is about showcasing athleticism in a feminine way. Look at wedged high tops for example, which have catapulted into the high street, which are a sexier take on the sportswear trend.


To get a winning look, try pieces that are form fitting, structured and sleek to achieve that feminine style. Luxurious fabrics in sporty cuts give a sophisticated nod to the trend. Think leather, silk, jersey and sheer fabrics. Tailoring that has sporting influences is also another way of getting that stylish look. You will be well on your way to winning a gold medal in fashion.


Victoria Beckham’s latest collection has an array of sleek sports influenced garments, with her figure hugging dresses in sporty cuts. And of course, sports luxe was the main focus of Stella McCartney’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.





Talking of Stella, after all, she was the designer who created Team GB’s kit. She designed a dark indigo kit, inspired by the union jack flag, which will be worn with red shoes, which was launched in March. Stella collaborated with Adidas and produced garments using intelligent fabrics that combine style with performance. However, the kit has not been received well by some everyone, some say they think that the outfits are “too blue” and that they look more Scottish than British. I think they look great, and if it’s good enough for Stella, then it’s good enough for us.



Since launching the kit, Stella has since produced a second range of Olympic style garments, Olympic Villagewear collection, which launched on May 18. This was designed for the athletes to wear off the field and also for Olympic fans to get a hold of.


She told Vogue: “The inspiration for the Villagewear collection was to create a more relaxed kit that remained stylish yet comfortable for the athletes,” McCartney told us. “It was also important to unify the team, as the one piece of information that really stuck with me when I talked to the athletes about this project was how they want to feel as a team in the Village, to feel like they are one voice and one nation. It is paramount that our athletes have a psychological edge at the London 2012 Games.”


And Stella still hasn’t got her foot off the pedal, she has created yet another Olympic inspired range. She is literally going for gold, as she will launch the Gold collection on June 18, which is a celebration of both the Olympics and her previous collaborations with Adidas.


But remember ladies and gents, it’s not all about Stella, many other designers have been involved in some shape or form with the Olympics.


There is a fashion project part of the London 2012 Festival, the project named, Britain created 2012: Fashion +Art Collusion, is a relationship that merges fashion and the arts. The first event that will be held is the Cultural Olympiad, where nine fashion designers join forces with nine visual artists and have to create a one-off piece of art inspired by the games.


Mary Katrantzou, Nicholas Kirkwood, Giles Deacon, Stephen Jones, Matthew Williamson, Jonathan Saunders, Hussein Chalayan, Paul Smith, Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos are the designers involved. Their artworks will be shown at a gala later this month and then will be showcased at the V&A museum from July 6 to July 29, and the great thing is, it’s free!


So there you have it, there is no doubt that the hurdles between sport and fashion have been knocked down. This is sure to be one momentous occasion that will never leave your memory, why not acknowledge this trend and go shopping. On your marks, set, go!


Article by Emma Gordon






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