Everyone loves flapjacks, they are a tasty snack or breakfast treat that satisfies hunger and keep you going throughout the day, and they are healthy because they are made from oats! – WRONG flapjacks are like the evil genius of snacks, we assume because they boast healthy ingredients and taste like cereal they are low fat and good for you , however the fact of the matter is they are made using copious amounts of real butter, fists full of sugar and a sh*t load of syrup, all of which do not fit into a healthy eating regime.




I was late to learn that my favourite ‘guilt free snack’ was in fact very naughty indeed – Epic fail on my part.


Last week The London Look HQ received a gift which was box of flapjacks from Nutrichef, as you can image all the waist conscious and hungry ladies in the office were instantly put in a predicament.  They were almost definitely going to try one but already anticipating the extra half hour on the cross trainer  later that day.


However Nutrichef Flapjacks are unlike traditional flapjacks, they are actually quite healthy, they contain zero wheat, dairy, sugar, syrup or salt, all of the guilty ingredients we try to avoid.  When peaking on the reverse side of the packaging I discovered the ingredients listed were real fruits, seeds, oats, and barley – Almost too good to be true.


The box contained three different flavours Cherry & Almond, Full of Fruit and Apple & Ginger, I chose a Full of Fruit flavour containing apricots, figs, cranberries, raisins, Molasses and ground cinnamon – bound to be at least one of my 5-a-day ;)


On my first bite I’ll be honest It was a bit different, the texture was one I was yet to encounter, strange but very interesting. The flavour was pretty intense, tradition flapjacks are sweet and butter whereas these tasted strongly of fruit and and were quite spicy and rich.


Despite the lack of butter the flapjacks were very moist verging on creamy and tasted a little like Christmas pudding which in my books is a very good thing!


Here are some reviews from the rest of the office.


Pete Walker – Very moist, (maybe a little too moist) strong flavours of ginger.


Stacie Malone-Lloyd – Very filling, much more than a snack. Would be great heated and covered in custard.


Jo Good – Very rich and quite dense, but tasty!


Claire Coulton – Quite Heavy, great flavour!


Nutrichef Flapjacks are available from Amazon, Health Clubs,gyms, garden centres, food halls and golf clubs. RRP £1.49


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