Karl Lagerfeld recently attacked US magazine Newsweek for a remark made by one of their journalists- Robin Givhan.


Givhan described the designer as “overrated” in a profile piece published in January.  This remark induced an angry response from Lagerfeld.


However instead of directly attacking Givhan, who wrote the comment Lagerfeld has victimised the editor-in-chief Tina Brown who previously worked as editor-in-chief of Vanity fair magazine before joining Newsweek in 2010



Not backing down Tina Brown


Lagerfeld spoke out slamming the publication for its shortcomings highlighting that its demise was due to Browns involvement he said during a press conference covered by WWD “First of all, Tina Brown’s Magazine is not doing well at all…she’s dying [professionally]. I’m sorry for Tina Brown, who was such a success at Vanity Fair, to go down with a shitty paper like this. I’m sorry.”


Although Lagerfeld’s intensions where to hurt the magazine he may have increased their popularity with these remarks as we all know any Publicity bad or good is beneficial.


Lagerfeld’s attempts to tarnish the reputation of Newsweek have been challenged as an official statement has been given by Newsweek stating “In the past year since Tina Brown took over as editor-in-chief of Newsweek, News stand sales have increased 30 per cent year on year; advertising pages have seen a 27 per cent increase for the first quarter of 2012; we have over 2.2 million people engaging in our social media communities and, perhaps the most telling indicator of the renewed vitality of Newsweek, subscription renewals-in a consistent state of decline since 2005-rose by 3 percent last year, reported by Stylist.


Tina also tweeted to her 35,189 followers “The Kaiser doth protest too much! ‘Diet issue?’ Newsweek ads up 27 percent for Q1.”


Tina brown hitting back at Karl Lagerfeld



If touching a nerve of Fashion Lord Karl Lagerfeld and provoking such a defensive reaction was Browns goal she has succeeded massively, hats off to her. Pay rise for Givhan chi-ching!

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