On Thursday 29th March The London Look attended the G-Shock 30th Anniversary celebration at Manchester’s Moho Live.


We got there promptly at 7pm to be greeted by G-Shock Sessions tour bus – a bad-ass double decker bus smack bang in the middle of the Moho Live smoking area! Inside was checker plate interior, and dramatically lit by florescent spot lights, not to mention the array of goody bags lined up generously filled with goodies from Flannels Boutique and of course a retro style G-Shock watch.


When we got to the front doors of Moho Live we were presented with nifty  little VIP wrist bands shaped like G-Shock watches. They only tell the time once a day, but decorated our wrists surprisingly well. We were then directed to the VIP area downstairs where we seen G-shock watches spray painted on the walls and an LED lit glass cabinet, with a display of G-shock watches in every colour and style.


The VIP lounge was filled with Celebrities and Media people shmoosing whilst sipping on complementary drinks. Although we were working we manages to nab a few Rum and cokes to get our spirits up!


We chatted to such Celebrities as Bez from the Happy Mondays (although he works in our office, he’s still a celeb to us) Terry Christian – quite frankly the most Manc person we have ever spoken to, and Shameless’s fowl mouth cheeky chap Ciaran Griffiths.



The VIP lounge and the club was wall to wall crammed with fans and supporters of the fabulous artists who so kindly treated them to top notch performances.  And with only a watch as a fee.




We caught up with a few members of the crowd during the Kid British gig and they were happy to tell us their dirty little plans for each member of the drop-dead-gorgeous band. The banging atmosphere suggested everyone was having a good time.


At around 9pm we stepped onto the bus with the adorable Adio from Kid british (we were disappointed that we couldn’t see they whole band but we nabbed them later on the night) we had a lovely chat and talked about all things fashion we even got him to spill his ultimate fashion Faux Pas!


Click here for Kid british Interview with the london look


Shortly after we managed to catch up with British Rapper Sway, He was happy to take a break from talking about his music to tell us about all of his fashion secrets and tips on dressing.


Click here for Sways Interview with the london look


The event was total success, Viva magazine were incredible hosts and the craic was brilliant!!

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