After meeting Adio from Kid British, we scoped out Sway who was also at the event. He kindly offered up some of his time to talk with us before heading off into the night.


So what have you been up to then?


Ive been working hard, been in the studio, promoting my new single Level Up, having a lot of fun, living life and enjoying each day as it comes.


Whats your highlights of the year?


I got tweeted by Lord Allen Sugar!!…I mentioned him in my new single


“Keys to the suit you can call me Allen Sugar, because I’m firing tonight and i might need an apprentice’


Funny enough he tweeted a link to the video saying;


“Check these guys out. (He didn’t realise I was one person, everyone is a band these days.) they mention me in a song is this even legal”


But he still tweeted the link and got me 100,000 more views so big up to Lord Allen Sugar.


So talk me through your outfit.


My jean are D&G, I like D&G because I’ve got big thighs and they’re mainline jeans are made big in the thighs.  I always wear D&G. My shirt is G-Star, I like G-Star as well because they do casual wear. I can’t remember who made my shoes, they were free so whoever made these shoes big up to them, they are very comfortable.



Photography; Will Wilkinson & Karin Allbinsson


So in light of the event for G-Shock, have you ever owned a G-Shock or Casio watch?


Yea I’ve got like 20 of them man. I love them, they look after me.  This one was given to me for the event, its pretty bad ass and  it matches my outfit.


So is D&G your favourite brand?


D&G is one of my favourite designers, I really like Richmond and a brand called Sons of Heroes.  Its a British brand who used to work for Richmond, they do incredible jackets.  I’ve worn their jackets in my video for Level Up. Thats probably my favourite brand. Unfortunately their jeans are skinny but their tops fit quite neatly.


So Kanye West launched his own fashion brand what do you think about that?


I think its great, he has a great fashion sense. Kanye wears clothes that suit him and suit his personality and if theres a lot of people out there who want to dress like him then of course he should have his own line.  I haven’t seen his women’s clothes yet so can’t really comment.


So whats your biggest fashion Faux Pas?


A Turquoise Diadora tracksuit, Turquoise!! This was about 5 years ago, I lost a bet and someone bought it for me and dared me to wear it to one of my shows, so i did. Turquoise, Diadora!!.. I didn’t mind because I thought it might spark off a new trend but unfortunately it didn’t catch on (haha)


Who is your style icon?


Who can really dress? I think Usher is a really good dresser, he’s got a lot of swagger and personality when he dresses. Although he’s American he brings that European feel to everything he does. He’s a style icon.






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