The London Look were lucky to catch up for a chat with Manchester’s most stylish hot boy collective Kid British at the G-Shock 30th Birthday celebration on Thursday 29th March.


Photography; Will Wilkinson & Karin Allbinsson


We stepped onto the G-Shock Sessions tour bus with Adio from the band to talk all things fashion. Adio was dapper as ever, his look as vivacious as his personality. Once we’d finished with the small talk, we got down to the serious business of chatting:



what have you been up to?


We’ve been recording at the moment, been recording a lot new material. Found out that were going to be supporting the Stone Roses so thats going to be a massive gig for us. So were looking forward to that really, everything is building up to that date now.


So seeing as we are at a G Shock Casio event, tell me, have you ever owned a G shock or Casio watch?


I used to own a little 10 pound Casio I thought they were the best ones, I used to enjoy those the most. Then I moved onto the calculator watches. But I’ve never owned a proper G-Shock watch. A few of the boys in the band have had a G-Shock.


So talk me through your outfit.


Today I’m wearing a Pastfuture T Shirt, its a Manchester brand actually. Got these mad shades from America, my Grandad passed me down this watch, so got a little retro style going on. My jeans are from Wrangler and got these trainers from Zara.


So do you have a favourite Brand?


Not really a favourite brand, its more of a look that I like, So as long as the brand fits the look that I like, I wear it. Obviously a lot of people like Kanye he dresses well, Pharrell dresses well.


You seem to have a signature style,when you go to different events would you adapt your style for that event or just stay true to your “Look”


Well I naturally adapt, I mean if  I was going somewhere smart I might suit up, but still make sure I’m being my self I couldn’t try and dress and pretend to be something else id feel awkward.


So you mentioned you like the style of Kanye West, he’s launched his own fashion line, so how do you feel about that?


I think he will be back doing music soon, he seems like the kind of person who has lots of ideas and tries to do them all, which is not really a bad thing.  He has given us like 5 albums already, so I think its fair to say if he wants to go and try and make ladies skirts then let him go and do that.  he’s obviously seen some sort of interest in it.


So would you ever launch your own fashion line?


I’d love to launch my own fashion line, its definitely down the line as something to do. Obviously in the band we take fashion just as serious as the music because the looks got to be right, there no point in coming to something or going on stage looking like crap It just doesn’t make sense.


So what would you call your fashion line?


Ahh I don’t know, probably my name, I’d maybe just play around with the lettering Adio, That could be a brand.   That would sound good like;


’looks she’s wearing Adio she looks great in that’ (laugh)


Ok Adio, what your biggest fashion faux pas?


Once I wore these pants that I didn’t think were actual flares, but they were flares. I went to a party and it was only when I sat down that I realised that I had flares on. I looked like a the biggest dick..sorry but I looked like complete knob-head really. They laughed at me so much that I had to leave I was like

‘Im going home to change because there is no way I’m going to stay at this party with flares on’

- I just made a bad decision.


So we have established that you take fashion quite seriously does the same go for the rest of the band?


Yes but especially myself and Simeon, we take it very seriously, we’re alway wanting to finds out whats happening, whats new, whats moving, what’s coming from different collections and what looks good on. Got to keep an eye out, because as music changes fashion changes. If you don’t keep up you just look like yesterday.


So obviously you have heard of the Spice Girls. They all have a character and everyone has their favourite Spice Girl. So if you were to put a label on every member of the band what labels would you put on them? What attention would each one of you draw?


Dom, now he’s got a very Rock n Roll vibe, he’s got that mad rock look going on, attracting metal girls, tattooed girls and wild girls.


Simeons got the tattoos, he’s got that new school look. He looks proper cool so he get all the cool chicks crushing on him.


Sean’s got a boy next door vibe but really he’s an animal (laugh) tricking the good girls into bed (laugh).


And me.. I don’t know I cant describe myself. My vibe is just a guy, just an everyday guy, doing it properly. I’m not out here to mess around, I consider what I wear in the morning, but sometimes a cant be bothered, sometimes I just throw things together and it works, people will say ‘Ahh that looks good’ so I’m like ‘yeah i’ll do that again’ I mess about with different clothes, to see if it works, to see if people think I’m a tramp or not (laugh)


So do you have a favourite designer or brand?


Simeon put me onto a lot of stuff by The Kooples I like a lot of designs that they are doing. I’m also really into brogues, I love that particular style. The slick mod look. Quadraphenia, epic, it comes on ITV2 every 3 weeks so watch it!

Thats the vibe I go for. A lot of people are getting into Supreme, thats a nice brand. Obviously Pastfuture.


Im a mad Morrissey fan, in his hey day he wore loose floral shirts, that was the best look going.  My look would be Morrissey’s look mixed with early Pharrell.

Morrissey made certain things look cool and now I’m seeing kids wearing floral shirts, they would never know Morrissey did that ages ago, I mean you try and tell them but they think your barking up the wrong tree, but its the truth. Young people see it in the window of Topman but Morrissey done it ages ago.

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