Karl Lagerfeld has previously brought us extravagant shows such as the carousel in A/W 2008 and Lily Allen’s barn performance in S/S 2011, these backdrops combined with beautiful and elegant designs that never fail to amaze anyone ensures this is one show to be excited about every year. This year felt like no other, the rumour mill was about that Lagerfeld this year had encapsulated deep sea life as inspiration and he didn’t fail to deliver.

                The first look was traditional Chanel, a tailored two piece feminine pencil skirt suit, with a plain white top, yet this time all in white, accessorised with a single row of pearls and pearl buttons. The box jackets continued to come, yet they began to grow slightly in size, all laced with various amounts of pearls and flat boots.  A trend surely to be picked up from Chanel is how Lagerfeld has dusted his models with pearls, on their faces, down their spine, in their hair or as decorative pieces on garments.

                After the 40’s style white and pastel suits and fitted dresses comes the slight abstract print. A little different for elegant Chanel, yet somehow they manage to keep an amount of sophistication in these prints. Like many other shows from Spring/Summer 2012 drop waists are back, Lagerfeld has given his drop waists fluidity and ruffles in the sea theme.  The looks continued and the fluid ruffles began to come, skirts, tops and in shoulder details, in various pastel shades like that of sea coral. Shoulder detail seems to be a continuing trend as Chanel uses various techniques to create a bigger and more affluent shoulder.

Lots of spring like prints began to build up in soft pinks, creams and yellows with a dash of black in various cuts and garments, some with elements of embellishment. All fluid and chiffon like, flowing from the waist with grace. By this point I am in awe of Lagerfeld and this whole collection, it is mesmerising.

Just as everyone thought the 80 look collection wasn’t show stopping enough, like a soft, beautiful phoenix from the ashes rose Florence Welsh, out of a large shell at the beginning of the runway as she sang the collection through its final looks. Pearlised pastel shorts were a personal highlight, combined with a boxy jacket or cardigan seems like the perfect look for the British summer.  Lagerfeld also introduced swimwear, white, with pearl belts or accessories, like that of Ursula Andres circa 1962, combined with pearlised sheer panelling and jackets.

As the show begins to show its final looks, light pastel sequins and pearl fabrics are in various garments. From maxi skirts, to dresses, jackets to embellishment, this is one trend to look for on the high street come March. Then came white mermaid like dresses with a black simple scale like print with large sleeves and a ruffled hem, very cute. The reoccurring silhouette was a slim waist with a larger more decorative neck and shoulder detailing, also with attractive hip detailing.

The show finished with Lagerfeld, Florence and the models walking down through the sea inspired walkway, taking a final bow and leaving. To fully appreciate this show you will have to find the video, yet I can safely say this (as usual) is my favourite show of the season. The elegance, sheer panelling, pastel shades, simplicity with various exciting cuts is just captivating; Lagerfeld and his team have upped their game. Again.

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