What London look is this exactly? Being more specific on the subject at hand could consist of a pair of false eye lashes and a bottle of Rimmel eye liner. The reality is more likely to be a pair of pliers and a bottle of valium.

Modern day models advertising the London look are scarily falling into the same image. With a different kind of runway coming to mind, the type you use to land a plane.

Tragically the doomed style-stalkers are opting for the preferred London gape over the conventional Simon Cowell-ised straight white strip. With Georgia May Jagger gushing  “It’s only really since I started modeling that I have become aware of it,” she said. “The press started making a big deal of it and I thought ‘I suppose my smile doesn’t look like everyone else’s.’ Mum told me the other day that people in America are now having their teeth changed to be more gap-toothed. As for the Bardot comparisons, it’s nice for people to say that but I never once looked in the mirror and thought ‘Yep I look like Bardot today.’ I don’t think I do at all.” (yeah)

You heard it hear first, braces are a no-go. Personally i’l keep mine on for the time being.

Looking at Stonehenge for inspiration the future of the London Look seems wide open for aircraft, tourists and rebellious toothbrush traitors everywhere.

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  1. adam bailey

    i’m sorry but thats just UGLY.
    reminds me of a line in Austin Powers.
    something about in london in the 60s you could have bad teeth and still be a sex symbol.
    i say, dump that gap crap get some braces or a mask.!
    remember when you where young”
    “gap tooth kid” got picked on and maybe beat up, then years later her/his teeth where straight so the bullies thought they where sexy
    gap tooth girls make me think of 3rd graders.
    i dont want to see a “sexy” 3rd grader


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