This year LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has really been celebrating the fun of Christmas! These new festive, limited edition products really conjure up the thrill and excitement of Christmastime – there’s all the traditional LUSH offerings, along with many new inventions to keep you looking, smelling and feeling your very best right into the New Year!



Lush has been manufacturing luxury handmade soaps since the mid 1980s. In a deliberate move away from truly mass commercial, Lush has perfected the technique of making solid soap by hand using the “pouring” method. In 2007 Mo Constantine OBE helped to invent a palm oil free soap base – so not only are Lush soaps not made with any animal fats, they also help to save the rain forests. This base is available for anyone who would like to use it.



North Pole!(£3.25 for 100g)!“!a pink and white pole made of soap, with a pepperminty aroma for an icy blast straight from the arctic! The different coloured sections are fragranced
slightly differently – the pink bit has the delicious aroma of cocoa absolute and invigorating peppermint (also good for stimulating the skin and getting the circulation going in cold winter months); while the white section has more calming, relaxing qualities with cedarwood and cypress oils. Both oils are also toning on the skin. Make sure you get a chunk of each! Vegan.


Mr Punch!(£3.75 for 100g)“!this soap certainly packs a punch with a concoction of fruity essential oils to help fend off the winter cold – there’s cleansing juniperberry oil, blackcurrant absolute, uplifting lime oil and softening coconut oil … there’s even a dash of gin in there to help tone the skin, well it does look a bit like a punch bowl after all, there’s whole bits of fruit in there and everything! Vegan.





Angel’s Delight (£2.95 for 100g) … this annual favourite is back with the same jelly baby scent that you know and love! Angel’s will swoon for all the pink glittery stars and moons that are embedded in this soap and it’s the tangerine and orange oils, along with blackcurrant that give it its yummy fragrance. These oils also really work to cleanse, refresh and detox the skin. Vegan!


Snowcake (£3.25 for 100g) … a Lush classic and bestseller, a slice of Snowcake smells just like the irresistible almond marzipan on the Christmas cake. Lather up with gorgeous rose absolute, that soothes dry, cracked winter skin, and berry scented cassie absolute. Your skin will be left softened and beautifully scented. Vegan.


Snow Globe (£2.95 for 100g) … imagine yourself inside a snow globe – snow fluttering all around and a feeling of being refreshed, revitalized and uplifted. Well, this soap will make you feel
all of the above, with a citrusy lemon myrtle, grapefruit and lemongrass blend that will bluster your senses and wake you up on cold winter mornings. The whole soap is in the shape of a snow globe, with white circles to imitate the snowflakes. Vegan Northern Lights (£3.25 for 100g) … a bright, beautiful soap reminiscent of the spectacular Northern Lights. This one is made with our inventive technique of pouring soap that enables a colourful swirly effect throughout the soap. Vibrant reds, greens and yellows all flurry together, with the fresh scent of pine oil, cypress oil and lime oil. You could almost be standing in a Finnish forest, breathing in the scent of the woodland and the sights of the Northern Lights!

Pine and cypress oils are calming for the mind, while lime oil works well on congested skin and cellulite. A good one to shower with after a late night, it will wake you up whilst soothing
the emotions if you’re feeling a little delicate. Vegan !



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