Want a fake tan that lasts 3 weeks?  PHenomenal is the answer to our fake tan prayers!


Usually fake tans only last a few days before they start to fade. However, how would you feel if I was to say there was a fake tan that could last up to 3 weeks? This isn’t just a make believe product, it is actually out there.


And this new tanning mousse is about to change the face of tanning products forever.


Self-tanning products have definitely improved over the years and are now one of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty market.


This new tanning mousse named very aptly, pHenomenal claims that it is the first at home tanner, which looks just as good and lasts longer than a salon fake tan.


The product contains a top secret formula of natural ingredients that works together with dihydroxyacetone, which is the ingredient used in fake tans that reacts with the melanin in your skin to change your skin colour, which furthermore makes the tan last longer.


Not only does the tan keep you golden for a few weeks, it is odourless, so you won’t get that sickly biscuit smell once you’ve applied it.


Launching only a few weeks ago, the product has already sold 77, 000 units at Boots and is set to sell quite a few more.



It has also gained a celebrity following from the likes of, Kelly Brook, Yasmin Le Bon and Holly Valance.


PHenomenal costs £37.50 for a 200ml bottle and claims to give you a salon golden glow lasting 3 weeks.


It seems as though PHenomenal has launched at the perfect time with our Great British summer being an absolute wash out, there’s no chance of any of us getting a tan.  We definitely need a bit of help to get a glow and thanks to PHenomenal we will!


Article by Emma Gordon

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